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KID's SPF 60+ Continuous Spray Sunscreen

KID's SPF 60+ Continuous Spray Sunscreen

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SolRX's New KID'S SPF 60+ Continuous Dry-Spray Sunscreen is a REEF FRIENDLY AND OXYBENZONE FREE formula. Our SPF 30 Spray sunscreen provides perfectly balanced UVA/UVB protection for athletes and anyone who wants to be in the outdoors. This formula has NO Fragrance nor Parabens. Designed with the 360 locking continuous spray with Push/Pull trigger for easy spray application at any angle.

6oz. Can

SolRX SPF 60+ Pump Active Ingredients

  • Avobenzone - 3.0%
  • Homosalate -15.0%
  • Octisalate - 5.0%
  • Octocrylene - 8.0%