Nanogold Repair Discovery Kit | Knesko

You’ll get high-caliber skincare at an incredible value with this luxe Nano Gold Repair Discovery kit. Not only will your skin benefit from the firming, lifting, and repairing benefits of our Nano Gold Face, Eye, and Lip Masks, but you’ll experience enhanced tone and definition courtesy of the included Green Jade Gemstone Roller! This sleek black pouch contains everything for skin + soul self-rejuvenation.

Sale price$130.00

Each of the masks are supercharged with 24K Colloidal Gold, which improves tone, repairs damage, and boosts circulation. Knesko's proprietary Age-Defying Complex provides a youthful look and glow: Elastin keeps things tight, while Hyaluronic Acid supports healthy, hydrated skin. The Green Jade Gemstone Roller will feel calm and cool—and balance your Third Eye Chakra—as it enhances the absorption of the serum.

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