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Keep the skin on your body as healthy and beautiful as your face with not one but 5 different gifts from the treasure-box of Ayurveda!

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Introducing: The ultimate body-care set with 5 different body oil minis for LESS THAN the price of 1 full oil!

1) Firm and juicy, plumped skin 2) Soothed razor-bumps 3) Calm, moisturized skin 4) Glowing legs and arms 5) Fitness and flexibility in one beautiful body box!

  • Get Intense moisture for dry, aging legs, plumped up skin with Balaayah
  • Enjoy Post-Treatment application, calmed, cooled skin, reduction of the appearance of redness with Trahnna
  • Flaunt Smoothed-looking, Softened skin, with a reduced appearance of c(wrinkles) with Shamanri
  • Dazzle with a Dewy, Golden Glow all over your body and even face with Dewmati Illuminating Dew
  • Experience Fitness and flexibility every morning with Vyam Yoga Oil

From dry skin to sensitive skin to normal skin, we have got it all covered this time, in one single portable case!

And if you’re someone who has been wishing to try iYURA’s body oils for a long time, and haven’t been able to round up on one, this is your chance!


This beautiful set contains 15 ml (0.5 fl oz) bottles of : 

1. iYURA Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

Ultra-Rich, Vegan Body Oil for Extra Moisturized, Hydrated, Feather-Soft, Velvety Skin

Best moisturizer for dry, dehydrated, aging skin

Get ultra-moisturized and hydrated skin with the match of unctuous Black Gram, rich Himalayan Rock Salt, and 8 Ayurvedic herbs. The most intense hydration you’ll ever experience.


2.iYURA Trahnna Heart-Leaved Moonseed Protectionist Body Soother

An unbelievable oil-ninja is here to soothe, calm and moisturize skin traumatized by shaving, epilation, harsh scratching or just dryness in just moments of application!

Best suited for sensitive, normal to oily skin

Trahnna with Giloy/Guduchi, an Ayurvedic master-herb, a hard taskmaster for all the things that trouble your skin! Mother-Like protectionist affection!


3. iYURA Vyam Yoga Oil

A warming Restor-Active full-body oil to energize your day and strengthen your workout routine!

In Just 5 Minutes!

Suitable for all skin types, promotes an active feeling

A hyper-powered, stimulating, and strengthening, this Mega Yoga-Oil is made with 16 power ingredients, that bring more flexibility and a super-active feeling. Time to bid farewell to lethargy

4. iYURA Shamanri Young-Energy Body Oil

A pro-age oil for your body for moisturization and rejuvenation with 100% natural goodness of Shatavari (known to be the Ayurvedic Jackpot for defying age for women), Sandalwood, and Pushkarmool.

Best suited for wrinkled-looking skin

Super-light-feeling oil that reduces the look of wrinkles, sagginess and flakiness while making skin feel energized and body more flexible

5. iYURA Dyumati Awakened Soul Blend

BRILLIANT Illuminating radiance oil for Dewy, Glimmering Skin and enchanting aroma

Best suited for dull, normal to oily skin

This is a Goldmine of Skincare! Get dewy, firmer, and moisturized skin with an uplifting aroma and a distinct glow that will receive compliments, for sure.


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