Korean Sheet Mask - Be Your Own Magic | Lucky Owl

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Korean Sheet Mask - Be Your Own Magic | Lucky Owl

Be your own magic. This sheet mask works like magic, instantly hydrating and moisturizing, leaving skin bouncy and youthful.

Lucky Owl is a lifestyle brand with a new way of thinking about wellness. We believe in the power of gifting as the ultimate form of self-care and in the good fortune that follows.

What it is

A hydrating, anti-aging Korean face sheet mask that strengthens the skin's barrier. What it does hydrates skin, anti-aging, promotes skin generation and strengthens skin's protective barrier.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid

Skin Type

Dry, Aging, Combination

How to Use

Cleanse face & pat dry. Unfold the mask & place over the face except for eye & mouth areas. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Then remove & gently massage excess into skin. Use as often as desired.

Key Features

Made in Seoul, 100% Biodegradable in soil, plastic-free, made with sustainable Tencel, Clean, Cruelty-free, no parabens, vegan, gluten-free,


MSRP: $11

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