Insightful Teal Kyanite Sterling Silver Necklace | Liv & B

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The Insightful Teal Kyanite Sterling Silver Necklace is just like you. You are the friend that people find comfort in. You help ease the pain, you listen, you empathize and you love freely. You are a true friend and you love this role, because you are a giver by nature. You are rare and beautiful.

This rare stone, teal Kyanite helps balance you and alleviates the stress from your day. It grounds you and helps bring the focus back to you. It aligns your thoughts and emotions so you can keep giving and nurturing. 

If you are into yoga and chakra balancing, this is your stone. Balance and harmony is what this brings to you. Wear it close to your throat chakra or when laying down, place it on your crown chakra for a deep meditative state.

This is hand crafted with sterling silver wire and a 16 inch sterling silver chain.

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