Hydra No. 1 Masque Sleep Gel Mask | Yon-Ka Paris

Hydra No. 1 Masque Sleep Gel Mask | Yon-Ka Paris

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Hydra No. 1 Masque Sleep Gel Mask | YON-KA PARIS - 1.8 oz/50 mL

Hydra No. 1 Masque Sleep Gel Mask by Yon-Ka Paris - Savor the intense, time-releasing hydration of this bestselling mask with anti-aging effects. Infused with imperata cylindrica grass, aloe vera, and rose, jasmine, and shiu essential oils, this natural bouquet imparts both immediate and long-lasting hydration. With a gel-cream texture and a beautiful floral scent, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and soothes all types of damaged skin. This weekly hydrating cream mask is great for use during travel and may be left on overnight for a powerfully curing treatment.

Yon-Ka Paris Skincare Blog

Yon-Ka Paris was founded 65 years ago in Paris, France. Ever since the start, they have developed products centered around plant-based ingredients and essential oils. The DNA of the brand is focus on the Quintessence of 5 essentials oils: Lavender Cypress, Rosemary, Geranium, Thyme. With Wellness at our core, Yon-Ka Paris offers natural, effective, French, phyto-active, plant-based skincare, they are a brand committed to skin health, results and proud to be a women-owned company. Thanks to our research and expertise in phyto-aromatic therapy, Yon-Ka Paris develops sensorial and effective skincare products and protocols with scientifically proven efficacy. With Yon-Ka, you don’t have to choose between natural, effective and luxury, with them, you have all three.