Nanogold Repair Eye Mask Single

Nanogold Repair Eye Mask Single

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The Nanogold Repair Eye Mask delivers a powerful gold infused serum deep within your skin. The hydrogel mask acts as a second skin allowing powerful, natural ingredients like colloidal gold, marine collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, niacinamide (B3), and vitamin E to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. Knesko's Proprietary GEMCLINICAL® technology works to reduce fine lines, puffines, sun damage, and sagginess under the eye. Enjoy a luxurious mask treatment charged with healing Reiki energy and activate your Third Eye Chakra with the mantra "I Honor my Intuition".

Perfect for: Puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and loss of elasticity on all skin types.

Tip: Store in the fridge for an extra cooling and depuffing benefit.