Face Mask - BAMBOO CHARCOAL DETOX | Primal Elements

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Face Mask - BAMBOO CHARCOAL DETOX | Primal Elements - 1.18 fl oz/35 mL

A SERIOUSLY powerful mask. This mineral mask aids cellular respiration and protects against free radicals with ingredients like zinc, copper, and magnesium. Natural Kaolin clay is deeply cleansing and full of nutrients that leave the skin feeling clear and cool. This aids in smoothing deep wrinkles, improving skin texture and the appearance of vital, younger looking skin. To top it all off, activated bamboo charcoal is highly absorbent and will help remove toxins and impurities that plague the skin. The gentle exfoliating properties remove dry, dead surface skin cells revealing clean younger looking skin

Perfect For: anti-aging, exfoliation, at home mask, mineral mask, antioxidant, wrinkles, uneven skin texture.


MSRP: $10

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