Hydra Bloom Calm Lavender Face and Body Mist | Hydra Bloom

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Hydra Bloom Calm Lavender Face and Body Mist | Lucy B - 50 mL/1.7 fl oz

Hydra Bloom Love Rose Face and Body Mist is your go to for keeping skin hydrated through the summer and winter months when the heat or AC is blasting.
Lavender is known to balance the brain and keep you feeling great in times of stress.
It works by penetrating the skin's top layers with the essential hydrosols that are extracted using steam for the most organic experience.
To use:
Take off cap and prime mist before you spray your face, mist towards your face 12-16 inches away for a heavenly effect. Can be used before your moisturizer and also as a setting spray over makeup to refresh yourself.



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