Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray | Travertine Spa

Sale price$25.00
Size: 2 fl oz

Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray | Travertine Spa - 2, 4, 8 fl oz

Make your shower experience EXTRAORDINARY!

Fight back against that winter cold and morning congestion with one of Travertine's best selling products. 

100% Pure oil. Not blended with water, alcohol or inexpensive fillers.

Inspiration: "We traveled to Melbourne and Tazmania. An estimated 700 species of fragrant Eucalyptus grow in Australia."

How To: Spray downwards into a warm, steaming shower and enjoy the inhalation benefits as the fragrance turns your shower into an aromatherapy spa experience. Our Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray is designed with factory-sealed premium packaging and a non-stick spray top for protection against leaks and breakage.


"Travertine Eucalyptus shower spray is a super awesome experience. I feel the packaging and the TSA travel-friendly version really changed the shower experience. Won’t go back to normal showers again even when traveling. Really helps me relax and relieve stress." - Eugene Yang 

"It really perks me up and is invigorating! I couldn't take a shower in the morning without it." - Alexa M.


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