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Organic Male OM4 Dry Travel Starter Set is specifically formulated for dry, mature, or dehydrated skin types to help nourish and increase moisture levels while also brightening dark spots, age spots, and reducing hyperpigmentation. Featured Ingredients include: Calendula, Licorice Root, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin C, and Yucca Extract. Great to be paired with either of our treatment serums: Perfect: High Alpine Brightening Isolate or Fortify: Age-Defying Botanical Stem Cell Concentrate.

Please note: if you do not shave our Shave: Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion can also be used as a mask up to 2-3 times a week.

Starter Set Includes:

Dry Step 1: Desert Succulent Hydrating Cleanser (1 oz / 30 ml)

Dry Step 2: Desert Springs pH Balancer / Toner (1.0 oz / 30 ml)

Dry Step 3: Warm Sands Botanical Youth Serum (0.5 oz / 15 ml)

Dry Step 4: Thirst Quenching Moisture Complex (1.0 oz / 30 ml)

Resurface: Citrus Bamboo Resurfacing Scrub (1.0 oz / 30 ml)

Invigorate / Treat: Healing Herbal Antifungal Foot Treatment (1.0 oz / 30 ml)

Shave: Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion (1.0 oz / 30 ml)

Recover: BaoBalm Lip Therapy

One water resistance OM4 travel bag

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