Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt | Dermasuri

Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt | Dermasuri

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Use the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt as a part of your daily skin care routine to buff, cleanse and exfoliate daily. This deep cleansing scrub removes dry skin instantly while massaging and stimulating skin. Use on face, neck or shoulders to clear away dead skin, diminish the visibility of pores, exfoliate your skin and reduce blackheads.

Perfect for: deep exfoliation, instant dry skin removal, spa, cleansing Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt Body Scrub: Premium Beauty

A full line of deep exfoliation products based on Eastern exfoliation and cleansing
rituals. The hammam (Turkish and Arabic), jjimjilbang (Korean), and onsens (Japanese) traditions are centuries old, involving a shower or bath steam, followed by a deep exfoliation with a mitt made with a unique woven fabric—during which one can visibly see dry, dead skin sloughing off the body instantly. In each tradition, the body and skin are cleansed and purified from toxins. Eco-Friendly and No chemicals - Their products do not require the use of any chemicals or soaps -- just fabric and water only.