Crystal Elixir | Ruby Reserve - 25.4 oz (750mL) | Rock Grace

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Crystal Elixir | Ruby Reserve - 25.4 oz (750mL) | Rock Grace

Rock Grace at it finest and manufactured on the day of the Full Flower Moon associated with a time of blooming flowers and magical energy, Rock Grace Ruby is a bottled crystal elixir infused with a variety of ruby crystals, botanicals, and adaptogens that stimulate pleasure, self-love, beauty, and joy. The energy of the crystals and fine botanical and superherb ingredients enhance the elixir calming anxiety and stress while promoting mental and physical wellness and empowerment.

Natural ruby is the queen of stones, considered the most magnificent of all gems. Ruby is known as an aphrodisiac, all about passion, pleasure, self-love, and following your bliss. This precious stone can help you feel strong, brave, and energized attracting abundance in all areas and encouraging a positive state of mind and enjoyment of life.

For additional luxury, calming properties and flow of beauty from the inside out, we have added organic lemon balm, dandelion, and vanilla bean to Rock Grace Ruby.

Rock Grace Ruby has a bright, light-bodied palate followed by a smooth finish of vanilla notes. Ruby pink in color, pure and elegant in style and well-balanced, it is a vibrant non-alcoholic crystal elixir with a youthful and delicate nose, hints of fresh raspberry, vanilla and floral aspects.

Non-Alcoholic | No Allergens | No Artificial Colors or Flavors | Non-GMO | Made with Organic Ingredients

Calorie, Gluten, Sugar, Sweetener, Sulfite, Preservative, Guilt Free

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic raspberry juice concentrate, natural flavors, rose water, organic dandelion extract, organic lemon balm extract, eleuthero extract, organic vanilla extract


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