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Probiotic supplements for Women- Probiotics promote healthy skin, supports healthy digestion, hyaluronic acid, zinc, biotin and marine based collagen peptides (I) plus other skinloving vitamins and minerals. Collagen Pro from BeBella for healthy skin, body and mind.

Perfect For: not just a pretty face but the 200 Billion CFUg of hard-working patented probiotics help support your innate immune system, propel increased Collagen production, promote a more hydrated skin AND provides relief to digestive distress. Balance in your instestinal system equals balance of your skin, body and mind. clinically proven results- shelf stable, no animal testing vegan capsules

Pro Tip: Did you know that 90% of your body's serotonin is produced in your gut? That is why people who suffer from chronic skin conditions (which begin in the gut) also suffer from depression.Happy gut = Happy brain.


60 ct

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