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CHEMICAL CONFLICT - Tip to Root Hair Reboot | Save Me From - 3.4 fl oz /100 mL


For the bottle blonde, hair color chameleon or permanent straightener fan. This bond-building overnight mask repairs severely over-processed hair, split ends, breakage, and sensitive scalp. When hair is chemically treated, bonds break, porosity increases, and hair becomes dry and brittle. Save Me From's Chemical Conflict - Tip to Root Hair Reboot is your hair repair solution. 

It helps increase strength up to 76.8%; hydrate hair up to 184%; improve shine up to 57.4%, and increase flexibility up to 145.3%. 

Perfect for: breakage, dry, overprocessed hair + sensitive scalp

Pro Tip: starting a few days before and for several days after a chemical treatment, use this to strengthen hair before coloring (it won’t disrupt the coloring process) and after the service to help strengthen and repair. Use as an overnight hair mask and rinse out the following day to allow for maximum penetration and repair the hair. Use as a leave-in for blow out or style that lasts/holds longer. During this self-isolation time, a lot of people may try to color their own hair so having a product like Chemical Conflict to help restore strength and reduce breakage is a must. Although the 100 ml is excluded from the promo, the 15 ml still applies.

0.5 fl oz/15 ml

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