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Probiotic Purifying Facial Toner | BeBella - 150 mL/5 fl oz

BeBella Probiotic Purifying Facial Toner is an alcohol-free toner formulated with probiotic ferment filtrates that remove remaining residue after cleansing, restore skin pH to optimum acidic level, and reduce the appearance of the size of pores. With added humectants, our toner binds moisture to your skin. Highly recommended to add into your beauty regimen for a healthier, hydrated, smoother looking skin. This facial toner also lessens the appearance of redness and flakiness - good for all skin types and ages.

Perfect For: women with sensitive skin, helps moisturize and cleanse. Clarifies skin tone and texture

Pro Tip: pour into a small misting bottle and carry to the gym for a quick refresh that also edges out bad bacteria

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