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BEAUTYbits® Spirulina Algae Tablets | Energy Bits - 360 Tablets

Feel and see your beauty from the inside out with BEAUTYbits® Spirulina Algae Tablets by ENERGYbits®.

Spirulina is filled with over 40 vitamins & minerals that will keep your hair, skin, nails nourished, healthy, and beautiful. Beauty is truly an “inside job” and once you start adding algae to your daily routine you’ll see why. Give your skin and hair a beauty break and feed it with love and nourishment from algae. It’s a beauty tip that has stood the test of time and comes straight from Mother Nature and she’s been around a lot longer than any of us.

Pro Tip: most prefer to swallow, not chew, algae tablets.

MSRP: $90

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