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Ambhring Age Embrace Revitalizer and Hair Oil

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For those with limp, lifeless-looking hair. A rejuvenating head massage with Ambhring results in healthful, voluminous, bouncy hair. High-performance, potent hair-elixir with Ayurveda’s 2 most powerful hair-herbs. Visible results after the very first wash.

Who should buy Ambhring Age Embrace Revitalizer and Hair Oil
Those with flat-looking, limp, chemically treated/damaged, lifeless hair. 
What it is
A hyper-focused, weekly (as oil)/daily (as serum) hair ritual to restore natural hair volume and enhance it with every use. 
What it does 
This deeply nourishing, fast absorbing, non-greasy hair oil delivers results after the very first use. It imparts vibrant volume to thinning, limp hair bogged down by chemicals, pollution or dietary indiscretions.  

Formulated with Ayurveda’s irreplaceable plant-wisdom, this hair oil delivers a unique blend of phytoconstituents from 2 transformative hair-herbs – Indian False Daisy and Gooseberry to replenish thinning hair to a full-bodied, bouncy, lustrous state.  

  • Apigenin from False Daisy imparts volume and locks natural moisture of hair. 
  • Lupeol from Indian Gooseberry makes hair shiny with health 

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