7-Minute Makeover Mask

7-Minute Makeover Mask

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A 7-minute mini-facial experience in a 100% biodegradable, bubbling black oak charcoal fiber sheet mask. Infused with a supercharged serum of neroli, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange, lemon, grapefruit, mytrillus, and comfrey extracts is the perfect antidote for environmentally stressed skin. This Skin Authority 7-Minute Makeover Mask is a no-slip, single use face mask gently foams away unwanted surface build-up while oxygenating for a soothing and hydrating result that leaves skin fresher, brighter, and more revitalized.

Perfect For: getting the results of a quick mini facial. Ideal for travellers and use pre-event

Use the leftover mask fiber as a washcloth.