3 Step Kit | Live P.S.

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3 Step Kit | Live P.S.

With a synergistic blend of plant-based ingredients the Live P.S.®  3-Step System helps unlock healthy skin – naturally. Utilizing our patented technology, they leverage the potency of topical LIVE probiotics to help your skin fight off pathogens, viruses, and harmful bacteria, while retaining the vitamins and minerals it needs to look its best. Includes: Live P.S.® Recharge Revitalizing Cleanser, Recover Live Probiotic Serum, and Protect Daily Defense Moisturizer.


Recharge Revitalizing Cleanser - 1 oz. / 28g
Recover Live Probiotic Serum - 1 oz. / 28g
Protect Daily Defense Moisturizer - 1 oz. / 28g

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