The Knot - Sunflower - Hair Tie & Scarf | By Lilla

The Knot - Sunflower - Hair Tie & Scarf | By Lilla

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SUN FLOWER is part of The Knot Collection from By Lilla. It comes with two pieces, an elastic and a small scarf that can be wrapped around your wrist and tied or around your pony tail or any style you choose!

This bracelet that doubles as hair tie or hair tie that doubles as a bracelet is now also a wrist and hair scarf to elevate your style to the next level.Ê The fun prints, colors and variety in wear makes it a must have piece to accent any wardrobe. Ê By Lilla: ABOUT US

REBEL AGAINST THE BLACK ELASTIC, pokes fun at our revolution, our mission to get rid of all ugly hair ties and change the world one beautiful hair tie at a time!