Skin Potion Nourishing Face Oil - NonTinted | Julie Lindh Skin Expert

Skin Potion Nourishing Face Oil - NonTinted | Julie Lindh Skin Expert

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The Skin Potion Nourishing Face Oil by Julie Lindh is a delightful oil that some have called a magic potion. Just this one product hydrates, rejuvenates, heals and repairs the skin in a single step. This potion is nontinted.

What it is:
This is the all-time bestselling Miss Julie product that has grown a cult-like following. And its easy to see why - the Skin Potion Nourishing Face Oil, is deluxe, deluxe, deluxe! It sinks into the skin instantly and starts to work immediately. It’s so hydrating that you can use it instead of a moisturizer or turbo-charge your moisturizer by applying this oil first.

What it does:
This face oil was specifically designed to heal, repair, rejuvenate and hydrate with the best all-natural ingredients available. Made with 15 flower and plant oils like neroli (full of vitamin C for glow), rosehip seed oil (rich in vitamin A & essential fatty acids), jojoba oil (moisturizes and restores healthy, smooth, and glowing skin) and many more, this oil will give you super soft, super supple and gorgeous glowing skin. With all those delicious natural ingredients, it leaves a barely-there, but nonetheless gorgeous scent.

Pro Tip: if your skin starts to look tired midday, this is your secret to looking fresh and glowing all day long!