Green Enzyme Face Mask | Julie Lindh Skin Expert

Green Enzyme Face Mask | Julie Lindh Skin Expert

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Infused with 13 different antioxidant-rich natural ingredients, this mask helps revitalize and restore a smooth, even texture as the fresh, herbaceous aroma transports you to another world.

What it is:
The Green Enzyme Mask by Julie Lindh is a pampering green face mask full of all-natural ingredients that will make your complexion look radiant while also restoring firmness to your skin. After just one use, your skin will feel relaxed and renewed. This mask comes in a powder that is activated by water, toner or moisturizer.

What it does:
The Green Enzyme Face Mask does it all! It gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, excess sebum and other impurities to reveal more radiant skin. It also contains several plant-based ingredients that help to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin. This mask also helps to control blackheads by stimulating circulation, which helps to detoxify the skin. After just one use of this mask, your skin will look renewed and have a youthful glow.

Who’s it for:
_ Normal skin
_ Oily skin
_ Combination skin
_ Sensitive skin