Purchase online with a spafinder giftcard

SpaFinder and Live Love Spa have partnered to assist you in getting the most out of your gift card. To utilize your SpaFinder gift card for online product purchases, be sure to verify your card balance with this link.

What type of Gift Card do you have?

Multi-Use Card

A multi-use card has a number, cvv2, and expiration date which can be used just like a Visa or Mastercard at checkout.

Proceed to Conversion Below

Single Use Card

A single-use card only has a number and possibly a PIN number that needs to be converted to a Shop Live Love Spa Gift Card in order to shop for spa and wellness products at Shop Live Love Spa. You can use the link below to request a conversion. 

Request Conversion

Redeem a Multi-Use Card

Note: This will only work with a Multi Use SpaFinder Gift Card. If you have a Single Use SpaFinder Gift Card use the "request conversion" button above.

The best way to maximize your shopping experience for purchasing spa and wellness products online is to use your SpaFinder Multi-Use card to purchase a corresponding Live Love Spa gift card of equal value.

Follow these 3 easy steps:

1) Choose your gift card amount below.

2) Checkout using your SpaFinder Gift Card information:
a) For "Card number", enter your 16 digit gift card number.
b) For “Name on card”, enter your name.
c) For "Expiration date", enter your gift card valid through date.
d) For "Security code", enter your gift card CVV2

3) Once you hit “Pay Now” your Live Love Spa Gift Card will be emailed instantly to the email provided and you’ll be ready to shop in minutes!

Don't forget! - you can spend more than your new Live Love Spa gift card value since you can use another credit card for the remaining balance.

Don’t want to purchase a Shop Live Love Spa gift card?

You can also use your Multi-Use SpaFinder Gift Card directly on Shop SpaFinder to purchase spa and wellness products. Please note, you’ll need to keep your shopping cart balance below the balance of your SpaFinder gift card as the we are unable to “split” the payment with another credit card.

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