Read BEFORE you buy Circadia Skincare Products

Read BEFORE you buy Circadia Skincare Products

Background check!
Circadia by Dr. Pugliese has countless 5 star skincare reviews from influencers and spa industry pros alike, resulting in a skyrocket sales of Circadia products in the spa and wellness spheres and now the consumer space as well. So, what’s the story? The brand launched in 2001 after Dr. Pugliese, physician, spent a 30 year career developing lines for OTHER major brands. After authoring multiple textbooks and boasting several awards from The Society of Cosmetic Chemists, he launched his own line with his grandson, Michael. The Live Love Spa staff first met Michael at one of our industry events and he is as gregarious and cheerful as they come. He stands well above 6 ft so in a room dominated by skincare lovin’ ladies, he tends to stand out. His magnetic energy made us not only excited about working with Circadia, but with what was clearly a wonderful synergistic father son business. After interacting closely with their team, the happiness and passion for the brand was palpable. We love employees that love their jobs, right?

Product check!
Once we knew that the Circadia team was trustworthy, easy to work with, and suuuuper fun – we proceeded to try ALL the products and conduct our own price check – are the goods worth the ticket? Here are our team’s top two from the Circadia skincare reviews we conducted. The Circadia Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser is a Circadia top seller for good reason. Once we sent this out, the skincare reviews from our staff came flooding in. With a light sweet smell and a gentle exfoliation, this cleanser is perfect for daily use. Next up, the Circadia Vitamin C Reversal Serum. Yes, reversal – as in reverse the effects of time and gravity. This lightweight age defying serum is just a little thicker than water with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin B5 that work together to smooth and hydrate the skin. It doesn’t have much of a scent so our staff also enjoyed it as a twice a day product.

Who’s buying this?
Circadia began as an exclusive available only to aestheticians and spa industry professionals. After seeing such positive results in facial treatment (the Circadia Caviar Lime and the Circadia mashmallow treatments were particularly popular), guests wanted to be able to maintain the results at home. Now, Circadia is available to consumers on and a few other major retailers. The line is called Circadia because it aims to coincide with the bodies natural circadian rhythms (the cycles that tell our body when to eat, sleep, etc). This makes it VERY easy to shop the line for a day vs. night product routine. Circadia is designed for anti-aging or mature skin, sun sensitive skin, and oily or acne prone skin.

Where do I find the best deal on Circadia Products?
You’d be hard pressed to find actual discounts on Circadia Skincare online but the next best thing would be their bundles and at home kits. The at home kits use the same products, outlined step by step, that an aesthetician would use at the spa. Sure you don’t have the relaxation of being in a spa and having someone use their magic massage fingers on your face but hey – your skin will still love it and they come at a better price than when the products are purchased individually.



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