Why You Need To Start Using Skincare for “Down There”

Why You Need To Start Using Skincare for “Down There”

I know it may sound weird: but hear me out. How many times have you frantically looked up on Google "How to get rid of ingrown hairs down there" or "How to get rid of bumps from shaving”? In our society there is a lot of mysticism around our private regions and specifically our health that leads us scrolling through the depths of the internet at night to make sure we are ‘normal’. Lack of access to information and products can leave many of us in the dark about what’s even okay to use down there. So, put the Summer’s Eve down and let’s get talking!

 Our skin is our largest organ and we buy every sort of hand cream, body lotion, and every product imaginable for the skin on our face, but our vulva is completely overlooked despite how delicate it is and prone to irritation. It’s no secret that with all the forms of grooming women undergo such as waxing and shaving, our skin is eventually bound to rebel against us. And we all know when something feels wrong ‘down there’ everything feels out of whack. 

As women, there is often a negative stigma associated with open conversation surrounding female reproductive health. This makes it harder to feel pride, ownership, and gratitude for all that our body does for us. So, taking 1 minute after a shower to give your V some care? (Or at least 1/20th of the budget we give to clear our skin on our face) shouldn’t seem out of the question.

Inspired by the confidence of Scandinavian women in Copenhagen that take pride and joy in their femininity, their natural form, and their confidence Avonda Urben, the owner of Perfect V, was a former marketing consultant for big names like Loreal and Revlon and was responsible for coming up with new beauty product ideas. She thought about how there was BB cream, CC cream, and so why not VV cream? (aka a cream for your V).

“I was living in Europe, and everywhere I went, and of course in the United States, the products are on the bottom shelf, dusty, kind of under feminine care or feminine hygiene and kind of embarrassing to shop”, Urben describes. She states how she wanted to make products with a ‘fabulous’ feeling and that resembled skincare regimens on the face such as a simple cleanser, exfoliator, & moisturizer. “It’s all about how you feel. The perfect V is a feeling of confidence”, Urban says.

So, I bet your thinking, where do I even start if I’m new to all this? Another thing I have to worry about?! Don’t freak out just yet. Just like skincare newbies, the simpler the better and consistent care will pay off in the end. Urben recommends starting out with the VV cream intensive that is a moisturizer that prevents ingrown hairs before they even form. She also suggests VV beauty sheets that are on-the-go wipes to freshen up before intimacy, after the beach, or after a workout. They soothe, maintain ph. balance, and are anti-bacterial with no fragrance. The best part is that both products are classy and low-key with beautiful packaging so nobody would know what they are for. So, you can feel free to keep it in your bag and on your vanity without shame (although we think V care should be shouted about from the rooftops!) 




So, to Sum It Up: You should start using products for your V to…. 

-Prevent/treat ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation

-Help you feel like the healthy, beautiful, and confident goddess you are!

-Practice necessary self-care and destigmitize female health

And let’s be real. A happy V = A happy you! 

 Watch Interview With the Founder of Perfect V Here


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