Organize your skincare - 6 tips by a product junkie

Organize your skincare - 6 tips by a product junkie

At Live Love Spa, we get access to the best of the best products in the industry and it is actually part of my job to try them all (i know, woe is me!). My bathroom countertop was looking like a gorgeous unusable minefield of bottles and jars so this article is for the product lovers who, like me, need to be more organized.

Check out our CEO’s skincare closet! Yes, a closet lol

Tip 1: Throw away expired products.

Yes! Skincare expires! Before you get organizing, throw away anything beyond expiration. If you don’t see a date printed, you may see a symbol that says the number of “M” or months on it.  A good rule of thumb is that many organic or natural products expire 6 months after opening and 12 months is safe for the rest. Typically, “expiration” means it chemically does not have the stability to maintain the same level of efficacy but it shouldn’t hurt you. 

Tip 2: Organize skincare by routine order

The products you use daily should be the most readily available. I find it most helpful to organize left to right on my shelf in the order that I use the products. Before you put these into bins, lay the items out. For me this looked like: Cleansers > Exfoliators > Toner > Serums > Eye cream > Moisturizers and oils > Lip & Lash treatments 

Tip 3: Acrylic organizers for skincare (spacers, risers, etc)

Now that you can see everything laid out, you can buy acrylic organizers that fit the products. Acrylic is clear so you can actually SEE everything you have. Put like-sized items together in their category. For example, i have my bottled cleansers next to each other and the squeeze tube ones next to each other in the same organizer. You could also try a lazy susan if you are lacking in counter space.

Tip 4: Keep sheet masks and face masks separately.

Anything that you use less frequently, keep together but separated from the rest of your routine. 

Tip 5: Keep surplus in storage.

Lucky you! You have so much product that you can’t possibly use it all quickly? Put out ONLY what you will use and keep the rest in a cool dark place so that it stays as well preserved as possible. Preferably in a sealed box so it doesn’t gather dust either. 

Tip 6: Glorify your devices.

With most devices, consistency is key. Put out a marble tray or a little display where your devices can live out in the open in all their beautiful glory so you want to use them frequently.

Have any tips to share?

If you have some tips to add share them bellow with a comment. Good luck with your organization my beauties! Share a picture of your organized #wellfieShelfie with us on Instagram @livelovespa ! We’d love to see how it turned out 🥰

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