🌟2023 Spark Discovery Box For Spa Professionals🌟

🌟2023 Spark Discovery Box For Spa Professionals🌟

🌟 Introducing the Spark Costa Rica Discovery Box (retail value $1,325) 🌟

Get ready to embark on a journey to paradise with the Spark Costa Rica Box! Discover this year's special brand partners and why each product is a must-have in your spa. 

🍍 Eminence Pineapple Refining Tonique - Retail $54 🍍

Time to add a little tropical twist to your skincare routine! Eminence's Pineapple Refining Tonique is your ticket to brighter, smoother, and hydrated skin. Packed with PHA, bromelain, and tranexamic acid, it's your secret weapon against dullness. The best part? It's gentle enough for all skin types, and can be used daily!

🌅 Nuda Face Tan Water - 2.5oz - Retail 39 🌅

Who says you can't have a sun-kissed glow without the sun? Nuda's Face Tan Water is your go-to for that luminous tan without the UV damage. Enriched with aloe, white tea extract, cucumber, and a bouquet of vitamins, this magical mist moisturizes your skin, evens out your tone, and reduces redness. Plus, it's perfect for sensitive skin, vegan, cruelty-free, and loaded with natural ingredients. Say hello to a gorgeous, guilt-free, stain-free glow! ☀️

🌟 NuFACE Prep and Glow Wipes & Antioxidant Booster - Retail $35 🌟

Meet your on-the-go skincare superheroes! NuFACE's Prep and Glow Wipes are a game-changer. They cleanse and exfoliate in one swipe, leaving your skin hydrated and radiating. Perfect for jet-setting, hitting the gym, or if you just need a quick refresh. NuFACE Antioxidant Booster is your shield against blue light and your ticket to radiant skin. Use it with or without your NuFACE microcurrent device and let your skin shine.


🌊 Phytomer Travel Kit - Retail - $100 🌊

Calling all jet-setters! The Phytomer 50th Anniversary Travel Kit is your skincare adventure buddy. Packed with iconic essentials, this travel set has got you covered. From toning lotion to soothing moisturizer, it's your go-to for on-the-go beauty


💧 PCA Hydramatte Moisturizer - Retail $100 💧

Hydration meets a matte finish! PCA Hydramatte is your secret to a clear complexion and refined texture. This luxurious gel moisturizer absorbs quickly, leaving your skin looking fresh, smooth, and radiant.


🌈 BABOR Ampoules Concentrate x Paul Schrader - Retail $52 🌈

Experience skincare magic with BABOR Ampoules Concentrate. In collaboration with artist Paul Schrader, these ampoules offer six different sets to repair, energize, hydrate, lift, and balance your skin within just 7 days. The DOCTOR BABOR Retinol Smoothing Toner, features the powerful duo of retinol and low-molecular hyaluronic acid, promises a refined and smoother complexion.

🌿 Botanika Life Hot Massage Firming + Toning Cream with CBD - Retail $80🌿

Treat yourself to a spa day at home with Botanika Life's CBD body cream. Designed to tighten and smooth your skin, this all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free wonder will have you feeling like royalty. Massage it into areas of concern to see reduced cellulite and relief. 


🌟 Circadia Cleansing Gel with Mandelic Acid - Retail $32 🌟

Brighten, exfoliate, and conquer with Circadia's Cleansing Gel. This active foaming cleanser targets blemishes, fine lines, and uneven skin texture, making it perfect for almost all skin types. With powerful alpha-hydroxy-acid and antibacterial properties, it's your go-to for flawless skin. 


🌞 Glymed Plus CBD Skin Mist - Retail $84 🌞

Get your glow on with Glymed Plus CBD Skin Mist. Infused with CBD and Vitamin B3, this mist balances your skin for a radiant complexion. Use it to set your makeup or refresh throughout the day. Achieve GlyMed+ Glass Skin and glow all day long! ✨

🛁 Latika Soap SunTans and Coconuts Bath Bomb - Retail $8 🛁

Transport yourself to a sunny vacation with Latika Soap's bath bomb. Delicate hints of coconut, floral notes, vanilla, and musk create a sensory paradise. Made with moisturizing oils and designed to be mess-free, this bath bomb is the ultimate luxury for your me-time.


💎 Knesko Gemstone Serums - Retail $175-$225 💎

Inspired by their signature masks, these serums blend precious gemstones and marine collagen with an Advanced Complex of age-defying ingredients. Each formulation is the result of years of clinical research and targets every skincare concern for age-defying results.

🥝 Spa Tech Solutions Kiwi Biocellulose Rejuvenating Mask - Retail $20 🥝

Kiwi – it's not just not a snack! Spa Tech Solutions' Kiwi Biocellulose Rejuvenating Mask is loaded with vitamin K, C, E, folate, and potassium to restore and rejuvenate all skin types. This refreshing and calming mask helps restore your skin's natural moisture barrier and leaves you with an immediate tightening effect.


🦷 LINHART Mini Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toothpaste - Retail $28 🦷

LINHART brings you a dental experience like no other. Their toothpaste has a mild mint taste with a hint of anise and foams just right. Plus, it contains Aloe Vera and Linämel for enamel protection. Paired with their Antibacterial Nano-Silver Toothbrush, it's a winning combo for a healthy smile!

👜 Boulevard $25 Store Credit + Terra Bag - Retail $32 👜

This clear travel bag is soft, durable, biodegradable, and touch screen-friendly! It's perfect for fashion-forward travelers. Don’t forget to use your store credit to explore all their offerings online!


🌙 VOYA Moonlight Moments Bath & Shower Oil - Retail $60 🌙

End your day with a touch of moonlit tranquility. VOYA's luxurious bath and shower oil, infused with lavender, rose geranium, and wild Irish seaweed, soothe your skin and mind for a restful night's sleep 🌌


🍊Epicuren CXC VITAMIN C COMPLEX - Retail $48🍊

Picture this: A moisturizing formula that not only hydrates your skin but also fights the signs of aging. Say hello to Epicuren's CXC Vitamin C Complex! This advanced blend of vitamins and antioxidants is your ticket to a radiant complexion. Applied daily, it works its magic to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost your overall skin radiance. 🙌

Jane Iredale Glow Time® Blush Stick - Retail $38

Makeup multitasking products are a game-changer. Jane Iredale's Glow Time® Blush Stick is your new best friend for achieving that healthy, radiant flush on the go. 🌸 This creamy blush stick is not limited to your cheeks; it can also be used on your lips and body for an all-over glow. The formula is buildable and blendable, giving you complete control over your desired look. Bring it in your bag for quick touch ups! It's also skin friendly and vegan🌿

🥥  Pure Inventions Coconut Water Drops - Retail $23 🥥

Sip on hydrating elixirs with the Pure Inventions Coconut Water Drops. Infused with the fresh flavor of coconut juice extract, these drops bring joy to hydration. Naturally sweetened with Stevia Leaf and Lo Han Fruit extracts, they offer zero-calorie sweetness and naturally occurring electrolytes. Indulge in a delightful way to drink more water for healthy hydration.

📖 Spark Brilliance Book - $22  📖 

Unlock leadership brilliance with the Spark Brilliance Book by Executive Coach Jackie Insinger. Discover Platinum Leadership—a Positive Psychology-driven method that builds authentic connections, sparks optimism and creativity, and drives greater results from your team. Learn the secrets of the Platinum Rule, psychological safety, and tactical practices for personal growth.

Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel - Retail  $92

Transform your skincare routine with the Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel. Ideal for balanced/combination skin, this fast-acting, two-step treatment brings the dermatologist's office to your home. Featuring 5 AHA/BHAs, it boosts radiance, smooths fine lines, refines pores, and improves overall tone and texture. 


💫 Chella Taupe Eyebrow Cream - Retail $30 💫

Perfect your brows effortlessly with the Chella Taupe Eyebrow Cream. This creamy, velvety formula glides on seamlessly, ensuring soft, smudge-free brows all day. The airlock seal prevents drying, making it a reliable all-day finish. Coupled with the angled brush, achieve pro-quality application even on your rush-out-the-door days. 

🌿 Juna Supplement Sampler & Ease Rollerball - Retail $32+ 🌿

Get your health in check by combating stress, repairing digestion, boosting mood, and improving sleep with Juna's plant based formulas. Working with some of the world’s top functional medicine doctors, herbalists, and chemists, their mission is to relieve anxiety and improve health for the modern woman while making it seamless to integrate into their daily life. 

🪷 Essence One Breathe Shower Steamer - Retail $28 🪷

Transform your shower into a spa oasis with Essence One's Shower Steamers Breathe. Inhale the calming blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender essential oils, clearing sinuses and promoting relaxation. Essence One was founded in 2016 to promote mental health awareness through natural aromatherapy products. Partnering with Bring Change to Mind, the company funds mental health initiatives for adolescents in the community while promoting authentic self-care and natural ingredients. 


Take your self-care routine to the next level and discover your next best seller! Get ready to be inspired, and stay up to date on top self care products at Spark Costa Rica ✨

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